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Aurelia® Robust -Nitril powderfree - blue

Aurelia® Robust -Nitril powderfree - blue

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We take care of safety and ensure optimal usability in all areas of application involving the personal care of patients as well as in medical institutions . No matter whether the application is in hospitals, old people‘s homes, practices/surgeries, laboratories or industry, we are never satisfied until technical security and excellent wearing comfort are ideally combined in our gloves. In all this the aspect of protection is just as important for us as how the gloves feel when worn. We consider this essential at a time when individual demands and requirements are growing all the time. Our appreciation of this theme ensures the greatest possible degree of sensitivity and optimum security in routine work. You profit from customized solutions for individual applications as well as from the across-the-board properties of our products.


The cause of allergies are the proteins from the milk of the tropical rubber tree which get from the surface of the glove onto the skin and into the respiratory tracts. The allergy risk increases with an increasing content of latex proteins in the glove. As a rule powdered gloves contain significantly higher concentrations of protein since the proteins accumulate in the powder.


Medical gloves must satisfy the quality criteria of European standard EN 455. For reasons of achieving protection against infection, an adequate degree of impermeability is required above all (AQL = Accepted Quality Level). „AQL 1.5“ designates a precisely defined sample quantity of a production batch. This sample quantity is subjected to an impermeability test and also a series of chemical and physical tests. The tests are carried out during the ongoing production. If the objection rate is too high, production is stopped immediately and the production batch in question is disabled. In this way long-term uniform quality is ensured.


consists of 60 - 70 % water, 25 - 40 % caoutchouc, 1.5 - 2 % resin, 1.5 - 2 % proteins and 0.5 - 1 % minerals. This unique combination gives a network of materials that - for all the glove materials made therefrom - ensures the best protection against the penetration of viruses, germs and other microorganisms. The patient and the medical personnel can rely on this protection. Materials Our recommendations for the use of disposal gloves for medical applications Optimized protection is achieved by choosing the right gloves and using these in the right way. Please always observe the following mode of procedure when using disposal gloves. 1. Wear the gloves when withdrawing blood and always when contact with blood, secretions or contaminated objects is probable. 2. Do not wear any rings under the gloves since these can perforate the gloves through increased mechanical loading; the wearing of jewellery in infectious areas is prohibited - German Accident Prevention Regulations, § 22. 3. During surgical operations wear two gloves on top of each other; this provides better protection against infection for the surgeon and the patient. The protection against contamination during an operation can be increased by a factor of four in this way. 4. Do not carry out different activities when wearing gloves - this can lead to germs being transferred to the telephone, alarm buttons etc. 5. Disinfect the hands also after taking the gloves off.

Powdering of gloves

means that the gloves supplied have been powdered with maize starch of a food quality. This makes it possible for the gloves to be drawn on easily and the powder absorbs the sweat from the hand very well.


Restrict your use of latex gloves to situations where protection against infection is required. Keep alternatives such as nitrile or vinyl gloves to hand. If you must wear latex gloves, obtain products that contain no powder or have only low levels of protein, i.e. ones that contain less than 30 micrograms of protein (recommendation of the BGW = Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege). Carry out skin care procedures in a consequent manner including drying your hands well each time after washing them and applying cream to them regularly.


Similarly we insist that our products satisfy the most stringent requirements in respect of quality and check the quality of the gloves directly in our own production facilities in the Far East. We attach the highest priority to technical security and excellent wearing comfort. Our objective here: Product quality that meets the most stringent demands and requirements. Then the goods are shipped promptly to ensure that we can always keep our customers supplied.


The latex allergy is primarily one of the immediate type. The initial indications such as itchiness or nasal hyper-reactivity can arise as early as just five to thirty minutes after contact. In the further course of the allergic reaction the following symptoms - up to and including life-threatening shock - can also occur: - Reddening and hives in the area of the skin in contact with the gloves - Spreading of the itchiness and hives over the complete body - Swelling of the eyelids and lips - Watering of the eyes, inflammation of the conjunctiva, attacks of sneezing, coughing, breathlessness and asthma. Particularly subject to being affected are persons who frequently come into contact with latex such as physicians, nurses, dentists‘ assistants as well as also persons who have undergone a number of operations. At risk in addition are persons who suffer from eczema, other allergies or neurodermititis (persons suffering from atopic diseases).

Synthetic materials

such as nitrile and vinyl are used on the market at the present time for investigation gloves. Vinyl is especially suitable for users with a latex allergy and is used in applications with short investigation periods and a low risk factor without contact with blood or other potentially infectious body fluids. Nitrile, on the other hand, provides very little resistance to ketones and aromatic solvents but has a higher resistance to being pierced than latex or vinyl. As soon as this material has been warmed by being worn, it lays itself against the body like a second skin and reduces thereby the occurrence of sweating within the glove.


An obligation of the day-to-day work is the maintenance of the natural sources of raw materials. Through targeted optimizing of the ecological cultivation, resource-oriented care of the plantations as well as the traditional, environmentallyfriendly tapping methods of the natural material of caoutchouc or natural rubber, we ensure that nature provides us with a first-class raw material. This global-economic alignment of our enterprise helps to preserve our environment.


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